Two Rock Gain Master 22 Combo

$ 1,999.00 $ 2,595.00

Think of the Gain Master as a lower wattage version of the legendary TS-1. For a amp that has the word "Gain" in it's name it has a surprisingly great sounding clean channel too.

The Gain Master has superb tone control, articulate clean and lead channels, no reverb circuit, and a passive loop. This dual channel amp has all the characteristics of some of the most sought after amps in history.


  • Combo
  • Output Power: 22W
  • Tubes: 6V6
  • Features: Pull Bright control, Bypass and Lead switching by foot switch only, Passive Effects Loop, No Reverb, Small chassis design
  • Dimensions: 15" wide x 18" tall x 10" deep
  • Weight: 39 Pounds
  • Color: Black tolex

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