Tone King Falcon 1x10 12 Watt Combo Black

$ 1,795.00

This Tone King Falcon iis a great small amp (just 12 watts 1x10 combo) that doesn't sound like a small amp. The box comes with three different channel voicings based around the varoius phases of the tweed tone. These three distinct but overlapping voicings: blackface, tweed, and a tight 70's hard rock crunch give the amp alot of versatility. The Faocon also includes a built-in Ironman attenuator. With its stripped-down single channel preamp more pure tone is generated from your fingers down through the guitar and out from the speaker. This new preamp design reminds players of the raw, tweed-meets-supro tone, and also gives up beefy mids and a fine burnished top end. A 3-position voicing switch allows you to tailor these voicings to be a bit cleaner and brighter (rhythm) or a bit tighter and gainier (lead). Color: Black

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