Spaceman Spacerocket Fuzz Liited Edition Green

$ 309.00

The release of the Spaceman Spacerocket Fuzz in Black will be limited to 44 total units. We are down to 1 in stock

The Spacerocket is a discrete silicon transistor fuzz. It has a simple layout with three controls: Tone and Level, plus a toggle switch for three fuzz settings.

 The Spacerocket emits otherworldly fuzz tones. The hottest Fuzz setting is a blistering compressed fuzz- bomb, with layers of fuzz ringing through. The second setting is an octave laden intermodulation-fuzz and the third lies somewhere in-between.

 The circuit is protected with a heavy duty USA-cast aluminum enclosure. On top sits a reverse- engraved, hand-painted vinyl faceplate with backlit indicator. This fuzz is very interactive to instrument attack, which is reflected by an indicator located in the rocket's flame.

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