Spaceman Effects WOW Signal Fuzz

$ 309.00

The Spaceman Effects WOW Signal is a unique, all analog modulated fuzz device.  At the heart of this machine lies a UFO-shaped, vintage Soviet germanium transistor.  The circuit then adds in modern components, to yield a wide variety of pre and post cold war fuzz tones, from bright and buzzy to thick and fuzzy. The fuzz tone is then effected by an LFO section that provides a range of unique filter modulation from subtle to extreme, with controls for speed and depth.  Many of the pedal’s controls interact with each other, allowing for a large palette of sonic possibilities.

In addition to the five external control knobs, the Spaceman Effects WOW Signal Fuzz also has an internal switch, accessible by removing the bottom cover.  The factory setting for this switch is the "normal" position.  Flipping it increases the LFO depth greatly, with results that can be extreme, choppy, and noisy.

The WOW Signal also comes with a transferable three year warranty, plus a lifetime discount repair plan.

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