Reinhardt 18 Combo Wine Red

$ 1,895.00

The first Reinhardt product, and still one of the all time favorites.  The 18 watt is based on a 60’s British-style amp with a few circuit changes.  This amp runs the gamut from sweet clean tones, to classic rock, to heavier gain, without being too heavy.

The first channel, or "normal" channel is based on the stock amp, nice chimey cleans to a killer smokey blues.  Great feel and dynamics.

The second channel or "bright" channel is the hotrodded channel.  This channel has had the tremolo removed, and another gain stage and full range EQ added in its place.  With a master volume on this channel, it can go from amazing chimey clean to nice crunchy gritty blues, to a killer classic and hard rock tone.   No over the top heavy muddy gain here, but a killer hot plexi level.

This amp now has power scaling as a standard feature.


  • Speakers                     1x12 Speaker Warehouse
  • Output Power:             18W
  • Tubes:                          3 x 12ax7/ecc83 preamp, 2 x  el84/6bq5    power and a 5U4 rectifier.
  • Footswitch:                 Channel Switch
  • Reverb :                       None
  • Tremolo:                      None
  • Dimensions:                22-5/8" wide x 19-1/4" tall x 10-1/2" deep
  • Weight:                       30 Pounds

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