Piedmont Custom Electronics (PCE-FX) Aluminum Falcon II Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

$ 199.00

The PCE-FX Aluminum Falcon II is based on a certain vintage-inspired overdrive without the CRAZY price! Now you don't have to spend over $1,000 on EBay to get the classic OD tone you have been looking for. The PCE-FX AF II is a faithful, reproduction of the classic Klon Centaur circuit that delivers all the coveted overdriven tones as the pedal that inspired it because David has used NOS Germanium Clipping Diodes and other premium vintage components AND with the version II he has added a bass boost and a bypass toggle. The Aluminum Falcon II features a custom-made steel enclosure that comes in a powder-coated gold finish. The techie spec stuff breaks down like this: A Gain, Treble and Volume control lay out just like the original, the added toggles fit underneath. power with a 9v Center Pin Negative DC Power Supply ONLY. Power supply not included.

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