MB-E Baritone

$ 489.00

Pono means goodness and excellence in the Hawaiian language. These words really sum up the Pono MB-E Baritone Mahogany Ukulele. Using the beautifully figured Mahogany tonewood, the Pono instruments have come to be recognized for their classic warm tone and ease of playability. All tone woods are the finest grades available, and all are quartersawn cut, a method that enables woods to maintain strength and durability.

This Pono Baritone MB-E comes equipped with their custom designed "Pono" brand pickup which is a "passive" piezo saddle transducer. Producing an excellent tone as a stand alone pickup, for enhanced tone and volume the passive Pono pickup can easily be converted to "active" by either modifying the endjack to include a preamp, or by connecting the existing system to an Outboard Preamp, thus converting it to a "active."