LSL Badbone1 Korina "Karrie"

$ 2,660.00

"Karrie" The LSL Bad Bone 1 has the same feel a T Bone but it's equipped with a single humbucker in the neck position and the traditional Tele pickup in the bridge position. The Bad Bone 1 also has the  same overall body , neck and pickguard combinations the standard T Bone. This LSL Badbone 1  has an LsL, P-88 higher output, hand-wound bridge pickup and a specially hand-wound LsL, vintage voiced, lower output humbucker in the neck position. This configuration works well together. They mount the neck humbucker right into the wood and so there are no adjustment screws visible on the pickguard. This custom Badbone 1 also features a lightweight Korina body.


  • Body: Lightweight, Handmade Korina
  • Neck: Fully Hand-Made, Large "C" Profile Maple Necks with Rosewood 9.5 radius fingerboard
  • Frets: 6105 nickel-silver frets that are .055 high x .090 wide
  • Bridge: LSL Tbone bridge with brass saddles
  • Finish NC Lacquer, Hand-Rubbed Amber finish
  • 3-ply white, Hand-Made, 8-Screw Pickguard
  • Pickups: Handwound LSL Tbone bridge and LSL Humbucker neck.

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