Lotus Pedals Snowjob Underdrive

$ 149.00

The Lotus Pedals Snowjob is a dual mode underdrive. Now you might ask yourself "self, just what is an underdrive"? Glad you asked: An underdrive is similar in function to an overdrive, except instead of driving the amp it drives from the guitar, adding harmonic content to fill the space between the notes.  The Lotus Pedals Snowjob has a very neat dual mode feature...with the toggle to the left (white snow mode) the pedal is extremely transparent, almost acting like a boost, but full and rich with headroom to spare.  With the toggle to the right (yellow snow mode) the pedal is a bit more aggressive, adding musical harmonic clipping to the spaces between the notes, like a tube amp on the brink of destruction, right in that sweet spot.

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