JHS Pedals Colour Box

$ 399.00

The Colourbox from JHS is a all-analog direct preamp device that is based on the legendary Neve 1073 mixing console preamp. If you have ever wondered how John Lennon got the "Revolution" tone he did it by bypassing his amp and plugging directly into the Neve mixing consol. Bass players recorcd and play direct all the time but it's seldom done with guitar players. The JHS Pedals Colour Box was created to give guitar players the ability to recreate "direct" guitar tones with your live rig, or in a studio environment by using 100% analog circuitry that is true to the design and schematic of vintage Neve 1073 circuitry. For the first time you can create "direct in" tones from your guitar amp. Aside from creating these "direct in" tones, the Colour Box covers all the ground that you would expect a high quality studio preamp to cover. It can even work well with your microphone, bass, keyboard, or even your acoustic guitar, it does it all.

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