JHS Pedals Alpine Reverb

$ 249.00

The Alpine Reverb from JHS Pedals is a very versatile and cost effective reverb solution for just about any playing situation. The big picture design that goes into the  of the Alpine's circuit is straight forward operation but lots of options when it comes to functionality.

The Alpine's controls breakdown like this: The footswitch on the left side of the pedal turns the unit on or off.The right side footswitch is the "Shift" control The knob controls run like this:   The "Reverb" control is essentially a wet/dry mix knob that lets you set the perfect balance and feel to how saturated the effect feels.  The "Highs" control functions like a high-pass filter. Highs roll off and let you darken or brighten the overall effect when its engaged.  The "Highs" control plays a big part in the actual feel of the reverb, how it decays, and how it reacts in your overall rig.  The "Depth" control adjusts the size or space of the reverb. Think of the "Depth" control as a "big room/small room" feature .  The "Length" control adjusts the tails/decay time of the overall reverb.

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