Grosh Hollow Carve Top S Used

$ 2,699.00 $ 3,189.00

A rare, highly customized Grosh S-style Carve Top from from around 2000. Don mostly built the Hollow Carved Tops in the Tele-style body shape. The pickup configuration includes a Fralin PAF-style Humbucker in the bridge and a noiseless Fralin P-90 in the neck position. Don retired this model a few years back so this is a great guitar for the Grosh guitar fan looking for something unique. This Hollow Carve Top S features a three-way switch, volume and tone speed knobs, and the fantastic Grosh Guitars "Blend" control to allow for some interesting tonal mixes. Other Custom features include a adjustable wrap-around bridge, the top strap pin is mounted on the neck plate instead of drilling another hole into the body, and Don installed copper shielding where the bridge piece meets the body mounting studs. A slightly enlarged Medium Roundback neck carve was specified and the resulting size (.840" at the first increasing to .940" at the 12th).  A 1 5/8" nut, 10" fretboard radius, 6105 fret wire, body wood is Mahogany with a Flame Maple top, neck is Maple/Rosewood and the guitar weighs just 7.5 pounds. Lots of unique features built into the same quality and attention to detail you have come to expect from a Don Grosh instrument.


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