Greer Southland Harmonic Overdrive

$ 199.99

The Greer Southland Harmonic Overdrive is the bigger, badder brother of the Lightspeed Organic Overdrive.  Nick Greer designed the Lightspeed for the specific purpose of providing light to mild overdrive.  So if you want more gain with two stages of clipping then the Southland Harmonic Overdrive is your pedal. Built on the Lightspeed platform the Southland utilizes different diode types for each stage of clipping, a more focused midrange without the pronounced "hump of many OD's, and a bit of presence on top of the signal, to help cut through the mix. 

  • Amazing medium to wild overdrive and crunch!
  • Thick harmonics, amazing sustain!
  • A clearly focused midrange and extended presence range, to help cut through the mix!
  • True Bypass!
  • Uses 9Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.
  • Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!

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