Greer Ghetto Stomp

$ 149.99

Three knobs sit atop this beautiful pedal. Imagine a pedal that actually sounds and feels like natural amp breakup! If it's Tweed, or old Valco tones you seek look no further. Classic tones, very responsive to the guitar's volume knob. Can also work very well to tame a loud amp. This pedal goes in the range of fuzz and distortion, while retaining the feel of natural tube amp breakup and sag. Gain, Tone, and Level knobs allow the player a great amount of flexibility. This pedal is wonderful in meshing with one's current overdrive sound and can even be used as a rhythm distortion. Fat and lovely, this is the player's pedal.


Knobs: Volume, Tone, Gain
Features: DC Power Jack, True Bypass, LED
Size: 2 5/16" Wide, 4 1/2" Long, 1 1/4" Tall

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