Divided By 13 LDW 17/39 Head & 2x12 Cab

$ 3,500.00

The LDW 17/30 developed by Fred at Divided By 13 for studio ace and producer Lyle Workman in response for a smaller version of the JJN 50/100 with a little twist.

The LDW 17/39 offers the wide range of the sounds we've come to expect from several models of our favorite amps from England, from the mid 60s through the mid 80s, just like the JJN 50/100 but with expanded and tighter available low end, more variable and refined midrange, sweeter and crisper highs, and an increased dynamic response and single note definition rarely heard before. And unlike the JJN 50/100, this amp runs "Class A" in the 17 watt lower power mode giving the player that classic creamy "Class A" overdrive with smooth compression offering a new twist to the wide range of, but improved upon, sounds we've come to expect from our favorite Marshall valve amps.

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