Divided By 13 CJ 11 1x12 Combo

$ 1,950.00

 CJ 11 from The Divided By 13 was first developed for LA session player Corky James when he asked Divided By 13 designer and owner Fred Taccone to " take my favorite 1959 tweed amp from Fullerton and instead of the controls being Volume Volume Tone make it Volume Treble Bass, give it more clean headroom, a wider range of usable overdrive (throw in a little EL 34), make it a little louder with fuller, tighter low end, and put a master volume in it so i can play at all levels and dial in and hit the sweet spot of whatever speaker i am using at the time, mostly a G12M Celestion?" The result is the CJ 11 Combo. Perfect for small clubs and studio work but it can also be miced and sound big too.

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