Carr Artemus 1x12 Combo

$ 1,899.00 $ 2,090.00

The Artemus from Carr Amps is a archetypal EL84 tone meets 21st century innovation. The Artemus will expand your notion of what the British AC-inspired amp can do. More dynamic, more expressive - simplicity redefined. The Artemus delivers versatile EL84 clean tones with great openness and clarity to biting or smooth touch-sensitive overdrive. The fixed bias output stage offers wonderful punch with a smooth break-up when pushed. The Edge and Mid toggles sculpt tones from mellow to aggressive. The input modified cathode 12AX7 circuit emulates EF86 thickness and gain without problematic microphonics. This is a new interpretation of Steve Carr's favorite aspects of AC sounds with all the stellar Carr component, craftsmanship, and cabinet qualities. This amp is covered in blue Tolex.

  • Class A
  • Four EL84 power tubes
  • Tube rectifier (5AR4/GZ34)
  • Fixed bias with external test points and adjustment control
  • Two power settings: 30 or 15 watts
  • Mid and Edge toggles for expanded tonal palette
  • Polypropylene satellite (aerospace) capacitor power supply
  • 100% hand-wired
  • Solid pine dovetailed cabinet
  • 1x12 configuration
  • Blue Tolex

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