Angry Angus Bingly Bastard

$ 1,199.00

An amp built for playing rock n' roll music. This EL 34 based amplifier is as Limey as it gets. Classic British tones with a Master Volume to control the Anger. Bingley, in Northern England, is the ancestral home of the Angus MacWood family. 20 watts.  Head configuration with Wellfleet Green tolex. Dual Imput, single channel.

Covering: Wellfleet Green Tolex                                                                              

Output: 20 watts
Single Channel
Single Input
Controls: Vol 1/Vol 2/Bass/Treble/Master Volume (Transparent when Maxed)
Power / Standby Switch


2 x 12AX7
1 x 12DW7
2 x EL34 Cathode Biased

Custom / US Made Transformers
Hand-Wired, Turret Board Construction
Star Grounding
Shielded Input/Grid Wiring
DC Elevated Heater Supply
Silver Plated Copper / TFE Teflon Wire
Aluminum Chassis

Cathode Biased

Angry Angus Logo Control Panel
Angry Angus Logo on the Head

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