Our repair services cover the whole spectrum. If you need a simple adjustment or full set up, we can do it. If you have a special instrument that needs extra special handling we can repair it right and we will take good care of your instrument while it’s in our shop. Deluxe Guitar Exchange offers a full range of repair services on electric and acoustic guitars, basses and amps including (but not limited to) a professional set-up, re-fret, top repair, fret work and leveling, acoustic and electric pick-up installation for guitars. We regularly work on all major brands like Fender, Gibson and Martin but also specialize in the low production higher-end brands such as Collings, Lowden, Santa Cruz, Suhr, and PRS Guitars too. We also repair, re-tube or re-bias any tube amp you can imagine including Fender, Marshall, Orange and Mesa Boogie. Call us for a general idea on pricing but it’s always best to bring your instrument in for a complete inspection and evaluation. (864) 241-3338.