Collings Guitar

Our friends at Collings build some special instruments so we at Deluxe Guitar Exchange are proud to be their exclusiver dealer in our part of the world. This very talented group of luthiers crafts these fine acoustic and electric instruments, like the D1A, CL, I35 and the new 02H 12 string models in Austin, Texas USA. Their continuing reputation for outstanding quality and meticulous attention to detail are what makes these acoustic and electric guitars so very special. For many, Collings has become the gold standard of guitarists who are looking for the classic sound of a square shouldered dreadnought-style box like the D2HA and D2 that features Rosewood back and sides, as well as slope shoulder models like the new CJ-35 built to specs common in the pre-war era also know as the "golden age" for these type guitars. Also, their electric guitar line takes the Kalamazoo inspired shapes we all know and love and improves on them in playability and tone by a factor of 10. The Collings CL is, hands down, the best single cutaway LP style production instrument on the market today. With the introduction of the 360 LT model in early 2015 (LT stands for level top) you can have a great rock n' roll tool with a mahogany slab body and neck or you can also outfit the guitar with a Swamp Ash body and a Maple neck. The guitar comes standard with Lollar Goldfoil pickups. Additionally, if you are looking for that certain Kalamazoo area semi-hollow body tone but in a guitar that is easier to play (and costs less that the other guys "custom shop" version) then the I35LC should be on your short list. The R & D team in Austin wasn’t about to settle for just any laminate wood for the bodies of these fine guitars. They have developed their own Maple laminate for the I-35LC and it gives you the woody tone you are looking for in that style of instrument. It's a little smaller than the original design and that makes all the more comfortable to play.

In addition to the big body acoustic guitars, they also have an outstanding reputation for smaller body styles too like their 0 (Single 0) 00 (Double 00) and OM shapes like the OM1 Cutaway guitars that are favored by finger style players or anyone looking for a great guitar to play while relaxing on the couch at home. The “1” style guitars (Rosewood back and sides) are the most popular but the “2” style instruments (Mahogany back and sides) are not far behind. Collings craftsmanship is respected equally the world over by those who make a living playing the guitar and also amateur musicians alike mostly for their unwavering attention to the small details of building guitars found in all of their Sunburst paint schemes such as the C10 Sunburst model, as an example. They even construct the volume knobs that go on all the "Deluxe" electric models in house because they only want the unique and the very best. Without a doubt this builders of fine hand crafted guitars is on the short list of the very best guitar builders in the world today.

If you would like more in depth information about all of the acoustic guitars Bill and his team craft you can find most everything you need to know here: Collings Guitars Information. Additionally, if you are researching just what makes their electric guitars so special you can find that information here: Collings Electric Guitars Information. To Buy Collings Guitars visit our inventory here: Buy Collings Guitars.