Waterloo Guitars by Collings

The Waterloo Guitars by Collings brand was born out of a desire to build a guitar line that is a throwback to when simply appointed guitars delivered soulful tone. The music that came out of the Depression era was played on guitars like the Waterloo WL-14. These simple instruments were made back then in heartfelt response to the difficult times. Guitars like these developed by Waterloo played the music heard in work camps and barn dances, kitchens and honky-tonks, porches, street corners and churches. This very same style instrument helped shape musical styles that became the roots of popular American music for decades to come. The Waterloo brand is all about capturing the voice and spirit of the very best Depression era guitars in well-made and very playable instruments. 

The flagship model of the Waterloo guitar line is the WL-14. They remain true to the design and style of the depression era in that the WL-14 is available in "ladder" bracing (L) as well as the more "modern" "X" bracing (X). The ladder bracing guitars deliver a more open and woody tone, with a solid midrange focus that's works well for many blues players and particularly well for fingerstyle blues tunes. The "X" braced version more tightly focused and balanced across the tonal spectrum.

Currently there are two neck join options available for the WL-14. Choose from either a T-bar for ultra lightweight neck support or an adjustable truss rod for greater setup flexibility.Waterloo is now offering two neck profiles: The original period correct "V" and a more modern "Low Profile" option. Hardshell Case by TKL included.