Tone King

Tone King founder and builder Mark Bartel lives guitar amplifiers. Mark has spent the last thirty years focused on nothing but the design, construction and perfection of the vacuum tube amplifier. Mark has relentlessly tested and retested countless wood, component and configuration combinations to find the optimal combination to create a unique tone signature for his amps. Not one to settle for "off the shelf" parts for his amplifiers, Mark partners with USA-based manufacturers to develop custom components that meet his demanding requirements. Mark's first vacuum tube amp model, the Tone King Imperial (now into the MkII version)  is the classic spec "Deluxe" tone we all know and love. His latest "Fender-Style" creation, The Sky King combines the organic, warm tonal quality of a genuine vintage amp with the huge, 3-dimensional sound of the best modern, high-end amps. The newest Tone King is the Royalist line of British-inspired amps that comes as the EL84 based Royalist 15 or the EL34 powered Royalist 45.