Reinhardt Mini Me (Black)

$ 1,100.00

The Renihardt Mini Me is the result of Bob's long journey to find a good, toneful small amp. The amp is set up similar to the Reinhardt Storm. It has a low channel that shows great clean and mildly driven tone. The 1st gain pot is set up with a push/pull, to activate the second, hotter channel that gives a thick crunch, and great sustaining lead tone, all at a nice volume. Head size is roughly 13X7X7, so its about the size of a shoe box.

Black Tolex

8 watts of 6aq5 power

Controls are Gain 1 (push/pull), Gain 2, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master.

This amp is one of the initial run of amps and is USA only voltage

3x12ax7 in the preamp

2x 6aq5 for power

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