Reinhardt MI-6 Head Scaled

$ 1,895.00

Bob Reinhardt's variation on a theme, the MI-6 is based on the same basic circuit as the 18, and with the same high quality and attention to detail but with a 6V6 twist.  For those who prefer the 6v6 platform for the power tubes, its the classic 18 preamp mated with the traditional 6v6 tone. This amp has been tweaked to provide that classic Marshall tone only a bit thicker, and with slightly less high end chime than the el84 tubes provide.  Like all of Bob's amps, this is available with any number of custom voicings and options.  Due to overwhelming demand and popularity, power scaling is now a standard option on the MI-6.

Amps come standard with a custom blend of JJ. TungSol RI and EH tubes.  This amp uses 3 12ax7/ecc83 preamp tubes, 2 6v6 power tubes and a gz34/5ar4 rectifier.  Transformers are Heyboer from Heyboer.  Sozo Vintage series and Mallory 150 caps, 1% tolerance resistors, all teflon wire and shielded input cable for low noise.v

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