Lotus Pedals Golden Echo Delay

$ 179.00

It's always challenging to find just the right good echo/delay pedal. The Lotus Pedals Golden Echo is an analog voiced digital delay with delay times ranging from 10ms to 580ms. The Golden Echo pedal gives you the ability to create tones from a warm echo to full on wacky delay. Even with longer delay times the pedal doesn't get in the way of the original signal.  Lotus Desigins has also built a pedal that lets you repeat your signal just once or infinitely, with the repeats starting out clean and gradually getting more colored as they decay. Controls are Delay (top left), Repeats (top right), Feedback (bottom left),and Mix (bottom right).  Feedback Control interacts with the repeats knob, fully clockwise it allows for infinite repeats and the more you turn it up the more the delayed signal modulates.

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