L.R. Baggs

FREE SHIPPING to CUSA on all LR Baggs products. L.R. Baggs has been producing innovative and useful acoustic guitar pickups and preamps that deliver the tone you want from your acoustic guitar for decades. Product research and development is at the core of this company which is how they are able to consistently deliver high quality products such as the M80 pickup. The M80 system gives you both a active and passive operation with the benefit of an noticeable extra airiness and sense of space many are looking in acoustic pickups. L.R. Baggs also excels in Acoustic Preamps such as the Venue DI that is considered the best sounding preamp ever created for acoustic instruments. They also continue to offer the "standard" of the category such as the Anthem and iBeam under saddle systems. L.R. Baggs is committed to relentless innovation in acoustic guitar amplification.