Waterloo Guitars WL14X with Truss Rod (Black) WL639

$ 1,890.00 $ 2,100.00

The new Waterloo line of guitars takes a hard look back to a simpler time when simply appointed guitars produced that deeply soulful tone found in the music of the great Depression. The Waterloo WL-14X may be simple in "fancy" but still has all the build quality you have come to expect from the folks at Collings. However, the finish is going to be more period correct which is a "matte" finish without fillers in the wood grain. That being said, all the basics are there; a solid Sitka top, solid Mahogany back and sides and a period correct V neck profile with a Ebony nut. This X-braced braced design combined with a truss rod configuration is the only "concession" to modern guitar building. If you prefer a more "period correct" approach to neck joining this guitar can be ordered with an Tone bar and/or ladder bracing.

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