Spaceman Voyager I Tremolo

$ 399.00

The Spaceman Effects Voyager I is the latest creation from the guys in Portland. The Voyager I is a Optical Analog Tremolo that features a unique array of control functions. The low-frequency oscillation (LFO) on the Spaceman Effects Voyager 1 offers a big range of speed and depth, using the Frequency and Strength control knobs. And, using the toggle switch on the left of the faceplate you can choose between Triangle or Square wave shape which outputs either a smooth or choppier trem feel.  The Voyager I is an all analog, light-based (optical) design which delivers a throwback tone and vibe. But that's where the vintage part stops. The control rang on his pedal gives you a ton more modulation option setting than any of the old pedals.



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