Dr. Z Monza Head (Black)

$ 1,499.00

The Monza exemplifies the notion that less is more. "Only" 3 knobs, that control a pair of 12AX7s, and a pair of 5AR4 rectified EL84s. The Monza is Dr. Z gain machine. The Monza gives you the girth of a of a 100 watt stack without the ear damage. The term “Billy in a Box” has been used to describe the Monza. It’s that and so much more. The Monza features Volume, Drive, and Tone controls. This isn’t your traditional master volume set up. The volume controls the overall output while the drive adds more sustain and depth as you turn it up. Notes just keep getting bigger and bigger. 


Power Output 20 Watts
Output Tubes 2 - EL84 Cathode Biased
Preamp Tubes 2 - 12AX7
Rectifier 5AR4
Controls Volume, Drive, Tone
Configurations Head, 1x10, 1x12, 2x10 Combo
Colors Black, Blonde, Red
& Weight
Head: 17 1/2” W, 9” H, 9 1/2” D; 23 lbs

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