Collings D1 A 1 3/4 Nut 22376

$ 4,389.00 $ 4,875.00

The Collings D1 A is a 14 fret, square-shouldered dreadnought which is, without a doubt, the most popular steel-string acoustic guitar body shape in the history of the instrument. And while Collings Guitars is certainly not the very first to build this style of guitar, they do bring a unique tonal clarity to the depth and warmth you find in a large, deep-bodied guitar. Famous for its bass response, Collings versions are very popular with bluegrass flatpickers who find that it’s volume and brightness help compete with inherently louder instruments such as banjos and fiddles. This guitar has a upgraded Adirondack spruce top and a 1 3/4 inch nut width.

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