Dr. Z

Mike Zaite, better know to us as ‘Dr. Z’, began building amps over twenty years ago for his guitar playing friends around his hometown in northern Ohio. Although the Doctor now builds many different amp models he still remains true to his original principal of a "friendly front-end". Over the years he has built a lot of dual-triode inputs, which allows the impedance to be a bit friendlier to pickups and the signal comes in a lot cleaner.

The amps are straightforward, simple, (most are two or three knobs) and very toneful. All Dr. Z amps are hand wired, and the cabs assembled and loaded at their shop in Cleveland, Ohio. Most popular are the MAZ 18 combo amps preferred by those who play in church and or club gigs. The two newest additions to the line are the M12 which was designed for those players who use pedalboards extensively, and British inspired Dr. Z Antidote. The Dr. and his staff play test each amp and cab before it ships to us here at Deluxe Guitar Exchange